About Us


Wayne and Martha Cole married in June of 1969. As adult learners, as well as full- time parents to three young sons each received their teaching degrees from the University of Western Ontario.  Wayne’s teaching career lead him to teach Science and Math at the high school level and he retired after 30 years plus of teaching.  Martha’s teaching career began in adult education in Business and Computer training.  After 10 years, she was assigned to Secondary Education; however during that time her entrepreneurial nature led her to promote a computer curriculum to train students from JK to Grade 12 in the use of computers in the 21 Century.  She continued to teach and in the last 12 years of her education career she was in management along with supervising the computer technology program in a very upscale private school in London, ON.


A longtime admirer of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, these statements sums up beautifully why we were and in retirement continue to be educators:

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others”? - Martin Luther King Jr


In 2011, Martha joined a group of women to Kenya. The group went on safaris as part of their venture,  however,  the highlight of the trip for Martha was visiting orphanages, schools, medical clinic, to name a few. Martha was appalled at the lack of educational resources in each of the schools and lack of medical supplies in the clinics. She was however, impressed with the beauty and joy of the people who received them. Martha describes it as”, “I truly did not know the meaning of “having nothing” until I visited Africa.


Family, friends and associates were contacted and we collected donated educational, medical and much needed resources.  At the Cole’s personal expenses they shipped a 40 ‘sea container to Senegal, Africa filled with much needed resources.  In 2015 Wayne and Martha arrived in Senegal, Africa and set up computer labs in 3 of the elementary schools along with disseminating medical supplies to the Children’s Hospital, the Orphanage Centre operated by the order of the Franciscan Nuns and the Disability Centre.


As Christians and respecting the faith of various denominations we made contact with a group in London Ontario with the same educational values as ours.  In 2015, and in 2018 we visited and volunteer taught for 3 months at Panafric International Academy in Awassa, Ethiopia.

Currently, Wayne and I are Project Leaders for the Sponsorship of children from destitute families.  100% of the funds we receive from the sale of Stunning Photo Chalkboard are sent to Panafric International Academy to pay and support these needy children to attend school and receive an education.